2012 news:
Shadowsphere tour wraps up, Westfield Mall "Corazone", DJ Kascade, SF Creators Project
for Vice Magazine,
Princess of Abu Dhabi wedding, LG Thrill Building projection LA. Big City Mountaineers.

Mission Control presents: Ben Stokes AV reel 2012.



Above 1: DJ Shadow Tour 2012, Identity Tour, Houston Texas.
Above 2 & 3: Stokes at the controls for the DJ Shadow tour at Coachella. The tour wrapped up in May 2012. After
2 years & 170 shows, the Shadowsphere has been retired.
Stokes has worked with DJ Shadow doing tour visuals since 2002.


Below 1: Ben Stokes helps create tour visuals for Kaskade, Freaks of Nature tour 2012
Below 2:
Mission Control presents the Pavillion Building Projection at the SF Creators Project for Vice Media. Content, mapping and live mix by Ben Stokes & Chris O'Dowd.
Below 3: Stokes creates audio visual content for the LG Building projection, on the Babylon Arch, Los Angeles, 2011.
Produced by Obscura Digital



Below: 1. CO2 Cube, for the UN Climate conference, Copenhagen 2009. Stokes shot elements to show how one Ton of CO2 might look if it were to fill a cube. The CO2 Cube was 27 feet cubed, or 19683 cubic feet.
Below 2. Generation P in Theaters 2012. Stokes designed the Acid Trip sequence in which Babylen, the main character, sees Che Guevara and the true nature of things.

Below 1. ShadowsphereTour, Park West Chicago 2010.
2. Still from Azeem, Latin Revenge, directed & animated by Ben Stokes.
NASA "ISIS" with Mos Def & Astronaut, Leeland Melvin.
4. Cut Chemist & DJ Shadow, Hard Sell at the Hollywood Bowl.

Below : Abu Dhabi Royal wedding. A montage of dancers shot at 120 fps, created the "reveal" of the Princess. This was presented in Abu Dhabi on a screen the width of a football field, (18000 pixels wide,) with an additional layer of transparency screen for a "holographic" effect. 2: On the set at The Space, NYC. (Left to right: Crew, Ron & Paul, Ken & Ben on stage with the Red Epic.
See video.
Live action directed by Ben Stokes, Co-Produced by Obscura Digital & Dorian Orange at The Space NYC